WordPress is Killing Me!

and then her head exploded
artist, April Freeman Locke

I’ve got a really great post ready, but WordPress keeps fucking up the spacing between paragraphs.

When there are NO breaks between paragraphs, I go into HTML and do the <br/> there and then when I Preview, there are ENORMOUS breaks. Whether in Visual or HTML, if I fix those, it returns to the same tight look as in the beginning.

And then there are the lines that no matter how many breaks I put in, it stays attached to the paragraph before. (I am screaming until nearly hoarse over that one.)

I have looked it up and there are plugins (that cost $$) or the suggestion to get a more WYSIWYG Style (also costing dinero).

I have copied the HTML, put it in Word, started a new Post, dropped it, but that still doesn’t work.


WTF DO I DO?!?!?!


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